Welcome to our range of thermostatic mixing valves (TMV’s) and modern shower sets designed to make your showering experience safe and invigorating.


Thermostatically controlled mixing valves (TMV’s) are available to control accurately the temperature of water for showering, bathing and hand washing.

They protect your family from the risk of scalding by blending hot and cold water until it reaches a safe and comfortable temperature. That temperature is then maintained even when the water pressure fluctuates due to other household appliances being used at the same time. It will also shut off automatically should the cold water supply be interrupted.

They are suitable for all hot water systems; gravity fed, combi-boilers, unvented and pumped, and require a water pressure of not less than 2 bar to operate. 1 Bar being equal to 33 feet of water pressure. The water pressure measurement is the difference in height between the bottom of the cold water storage tank and the water discharge point. A gravity fed hot water system in the home may there

fore not achieve a 2 bar water pressure. For these systems, (known as low pressure (LP) systems), are generally connected to a water storage tank which is sited in the house loft space. Because of the restrictions on height in the loft space the bottom of the cold water storage tank is often less than the required 61/2 feet (.2 Bar) above the discharge point, i.e. the shower head. TMV’s cannot be used in these circumstances. However they are suitable for all the other systems which are referred to as high pressure (HP) systems.

It is therefore vital that before you choose a TMV you are aware of the type of water heating system that you have installed in your home.

This will ensure that you pick the correct TMV and enjoy your showering experience to its full potential. All our TMV’s are guaranteed for five years.


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