Shower Trays

We have a huge range of shower trays in different materials, shape and sizes to suit our shower enclosures. When a low step-in to the enclosure is preferred and providing the pipework to the tray waste outlet can be accommodated within the depth of the existing floor construction, then our solid low profile trays are ideal. However, should the existing floor space be insufficient or the floor be made of concrete, then a lightweight tray would be used. The tray would be raised on adjustable legs to leave a space under the tray for the waste pipework. The space then hidden by fitting matching panels to the exposed sides. An alternative method of raising the tray is to construct a timber frame and then plaster boarding and tiling the exposed sides.

Should a level entry to the enclosure be required then our 25mm (1” deep) ultra low profile shower trays should be used. The level entry is constructed by affixing ply board to the existing floorboards up to the tray sides prior to tiling the floor. The thickness of the ply boards would be dependent upon the thickness of the tile adhesive.

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