Heating in the bathroom is not only about getting the correct temperature for the room but warming the space in style. Our stunning range of designer low price radiators, towel warmers and radiator valves are sure to add that touch of luxury to every bathroom whatever its size and shape.

Most of our radiators can also work independently to the central heating system by fitting a low cost heating element so that towels can be warmed and aired all year round even when the central heating system is switched off.

All our radiators, towel warmers and radiator valves are guaranteed for 5 years.

Guide to Calculating Radiator Sizes

The radiator output in B.T.U.’s, required to heat a bathroom space satisfactorily can be calculated as follows:
Bathroom dimensions in feet (width x length x height) and then multiplying the total by 3, i.e. say 6’6” wide x 8’10” long x 7’6” high = 390 x 3 = 1170 B.T.Us

Guide to choosing Heating Element most suitable for Radiator Output

Radiator outputup to 1500 B.T.U’sHeating Element 200w
Radiator output1500 – 2250 B.T.U’sHeating Element 300w
Radiator outputover 2250 B.T.U’sHeating Element 600w

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